Written by Nick D'Orazio February 18, 2016 1:41 am

Card Evaluation in Faeria


Card Evaluation in Faeria is much more nuanced than in traditional card games. Historically, the golden question of card evaluation is the same in almost every card game: “will I lose the game before this card does anything?”

If the answer is yes, the card will remain forever ignored. In most card games, to survive in competitive environments, cards must always “do something” as soon as possible due to the risk of falling behind in tempo and allowing your opponent to use their resources more effectively than you have.


In Faeria, resource intensive cards aren’t immediately disregarded by the competitive community because of their high cost.

In Faeria, cards that cost a lot aren’t destined to be ignored, and low cost cards aren’t inherently more powerful due to their higher percentage of actually being played. In fact, Faeria is one of the rare card games that’s design makes low cost cards and high cost cards equal in the eyes of the competitive deck builder.

And it all comes back to the resource system. High costing cards aren’t nearly as risky – it’s very normal to cast large creatures in a typical Faeria game. This means that low cost cards are actually less likely to dominate the game through aggressive rush downs and perfect curve scenarios. They still can, but the inevitability of their dominance isn’t something players must always contend with.

As a result, when building Faeria decks, keep in mind the strategy you are aiming to defeat or defend against. Find cards that appeal to your strategic play style and build around them- anything is possible.

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