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Deck creation and you

Deck creation is one of the most fun part of any card game and, in Faeria, players have unprecedented control over the cards they play thanks to the power wheel and a resource system void of RNG.

So what colors should you play?

Why Blue?


Blue can deal with creatures without having to destroy them. Blue offers mobility in the way of Aquatic and Jump mechanics while synergizing well with event cards. Blue offers card draw and other crafty ways to get ahead with an overwhelming resource lead. If you like out valuing your opponents and negating their most powerful creatures, Blue is the color for you.

Why Yellow?


Yellow cards are aggressive and allow quick flexible options often at the cost of resources or other sacrifices. Yellow cards have the strongest single target removal options and help out decks that have a hard time destroying large minions. Some of the fastest decks in the game are yellow, using a combination of Flying, Charge, and Drain mechanics to deal blisteringly fast amounts of damage to a god orb. If you want to win at any cost, Yellow is your color.

Why Red?


Red is the color of direct damage and powerful control based synergies. Red likes to destroy small creatures and favors events and explosives that deal damage to multiple creatures. Red creatures also often fair well in combat or gain a benefit once a creature dies. If you want to control the board with high attack power creatures and blow up low health minions with a litany of explosive fireballs, welcome to Red.

Why Green?


Green creatures are unmatched on the battlefield, and are often the biggest creatures in terms of life and attack. Green is the color of creature buffs and land creation, oftening flooding the board with forests that, in turn, make their creatures even bigger. Green decks win by healing their god orb life  dominating creature combat with high life creatures. If you want to stomp on all of the other puny colors, choose Green.

Why Neutral?


Neutral cards are the foundation of many Faeria decks, as they have the advantage of being able to be played on any type of land. Neutral cards don’t have any color requirements as well, so they are best used to help smooth out the decks that otherwise need many colored lands to function. Powerful neutral cards have above average stats at the cost of any special function or utility. This makes them ideal in defending (or attacking) in the earlier stages of the game. Almost every deck will feature neutral cards, and a Faeria player would benefit from getting to know them.

Potential Archetypes:

These colors are powerful on their own, but creating decks that feature one or more colors can produce fantastic results. A creative Faeria player can make decks with synergies take advantage of the strongest aspects of a color, while offsetting it’s weaknesses with the help of a complementary color.

Here are just some of the popular combinations players have already discovered:

Red and Yellow control

What happens when you pair the two colors that have access to the most diverse set of creature removal? The result is a slow, methodical deck that aims to answer every potential threat it’s opponents might present. This deck is vulnerable to early game aggression, but once it stabilizes, it’s near impossible to wrangle out of it’s control of the game state.

Blue and Yellow Event

Blue cards are notorious for the rapid pace at which they can gain card and Faeria advantage. Their creatures might start off small, but through clever event usage and powerful synergies, the Blue and Yellow events deck can quickly snowball out of control. It’s hard for opposing decks to keep up if they lack equivalent synergy, but if they make it to the late game with powerful creatures, the win is theirs.

Green and Blue mid range

Green has access to powerful creatures that the other colors have a hard time facing toe-to-toe. However, they lack utility, card draw, and events that allow them to make reactionary plays to gain back board control once lost. This is where blue comes in, easing the transition for greens massive creatures to hit the board and trade effectively.

Green and Yellow sacrifice

Yellow has access to creatures and events that come attached with negative sacrifices that must be paid. Most commonly, Yellow cards ask a player to sacrifice a creature, which if usually a hard price to pay. This is where Green comes in. Green has access to many small creatures with powerful Last Word effects that trigger when that creature perishes. The result? The Yellow cards need for sacrifice is transformed from a negative cost into a strategic enabler for positive Last Word effects. Once the sacrifice machine gets running, it’s near impossible to stop.

These are just some of the combinations that exist within Faeria. Other synergies have yet to be explored…

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