Written by Nick D'Orazio February 21, 2016 2:34 pm

The Power wheel vs. RNG

Like all card games, Faeria gives players the option of choosing the type of cards they play. You can play red cards, blue cards, green cards, yellow cards, or neutral cards. These cards require resources to play, but Faeria’s system maintains the integrity of a colored resource system (and the strategic implications of choosing a color) while eliminating the dreaded “mana screw”.

Mana screw is a Magic the Gathering term that comes from not drawing any resources needed to play cards. There was never any way to avoid this. It would happen many, many times during a MTG player’s career.

Modern card games like Hearthstone have avoided this with their equilibrium based resource system, but the way they achieved this meant sacrificing the strategic depth of a colored mana system. The 9 different classes represent different “colors”, but it is impossible to combine the classes or create cards that require specific resources.

The result? Hearthstone strategic depth is almost entirely revolved around board control and creature based combat. Powerful Neutral cards dominate the competitive meta and must be balanced around 9 different classes. Competitive players have an illusion of choice when it comes to what cards to feature in their decks, because nothing is more important than a consistent curve in Hearthstone. When curve is king, competitive card selection dwindle

ThePowerWheelThe Power Wheel: 7 options Faeria player enjoy each turn.

The Power wheel is Faeria’s answer to these RNG related frustrations. If you need a Red land, you can simple create one. If you see your hand will eventually need 3 green lands to function, you can get started as soon as turn one in assuring you will have green lands when you need them.

If your deck’s strategy revolves around a particular card, you have complete control over when you have the resources to cast it. Drawing the card in a timely fashion is still up to chance, but the power wheel even solves that problem by giving players the ability to draw an extra card instead of creating a land. This allows players to search when they need to search- another tool to make RNG a fun part of the game, not the end all deciding factor.

The ability to draw one card once per turn at the cost of creating a land or gaining extra mana allows players to search for answers and react to their opponents. In Faeria, less games are decided on RNG because the traditional RNG elements that leave players feeling powerless are eliminated.

Even the unluckiest player who consistently draws the wrong cards has a chance to remedy the situation with proper Power Wheel usage. On top of this, powerful curves are available to all decks thanks to the Powers Wheels ability to give you 1 extra Faeria when you need it. This means your deck isn’t forced to run the mandatory amount 2 drops, 3 drops, and 4 drops. It’s curve can look different, and when curves can look different, competitive card selection is increased.

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