Written by Nick D'Orazio March 1, 2016 2:43 pm

Faeria early access is here!


We are excited to announce that the world of Faeria is now available through both Steam and G2A! We are thankful for all of our supporters and fans, and to show our gratitude we are offering an exclusive bundle to any player who purchases early access to the game. As well as the game client, you will receive…g2a-bundle

  • 20 Booster Packs
  • 10 Arena tickets
  • Exclusive Early Access Orb and Avatar

With 20 Booster packs, you can immediately dive into the complexities of Faeria deck building. 10 Arena tickets gives you instant access to the Arena, a draft mode where players test their card evaluation and on-the-fly deck building skills against one another.

The bundle is the same whether you chose to purchase through Steam or G2A and those supporters who already have Backer access to the game will receive this exclusive Orb and Avatar automatically.

We hope to see you inside the world of Faeria!



  • J”aie trooooop envie de jouez a fearia. c’est fou !!!!!!

  • 1 key for 39 old player. TX

  • Oh , I got a key , thank you a lot of nice people .
    See you in the game

  • I want a keyyyyy !!

  • I want a key.

  • I love card games, I want to play this, where I can find a key?

  • I would like to play this game !
    I had enough of Heartstone , time for something fresh !!

    Best Regards !!

  • Polina

    very good game!

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