Written by Nick D'Orazio March 4, 2016 10:28 pm

Hearthstone Pro’s Kolento and RDU stream Faeria

Today, popular streamers and known Hearthstone champions Kolento and RDU streamed extensive Faeria play sessions, each with a different level of experience of the game. RDU is a moderately high ranked player, demonstrating high levels of strategy and game sense when piloting an extremely aggressive yellow deck up the ranks.

In the image below, you can see just one of the sticky situations the pro card game player found him self in while playing on the higher end of Faeria ranked played. His opponent as early as turn two used neutral creatures to quickly reach his god orb. RDU found him self already below HP, board control and land placement. Watch the past broadcast to find out how he manages to stablize (Spoiler: It’s turned out to be a really close game)

RDU’s Faeria streams starts at the 2:40:00 mark of this past broadcast

On the other end of the spectrum, Kolento is relatively new at Faeria. After playing through some of the AI missions, he begins to play unranked games with a humble blue deck he created with some of the cards from his first packs. It was interesting to see such an esteemed Hearthstone player tackle the basics of Faeria card evaluation and land placement. Kolento has a razor sharp strategic mind and watching him explore his take on how to win in Faeria was as entertaining as it was educational.

Kolento’s Faeria stream starts at the 2:35:00 mark of this past broadcast

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