Written by Nick D'Orazio March 14, 2016 7:52 pm

Combo Corner: Egg of Wonder mass event deck


When I first saw Egg of Wonders I was really inspired to try and make a deck around it. It’s a card that begs to be abused and it’s mechanic rewards only the most dedicated of decks that all serve to support the Egg and the wonderful things it can do.

The first thing you need to realize about Egg of Wonders is that it cost 5 Faeria. That means if you ever draw a creature that cost less than 5 Faeria, you shouldn’t be playing Egg of Wonders. It becomes very hard to justify the cards inclusion in the deck unless you are cheating out massive creatures or legendary creatures that are become even more powerful in duplicates.

So to combat this, we are going to play a deck with tons of events and very minimal creatures. The goal is to have every creature cost a lot more Faeria than Egg of Wonders does, meaning that every time Egg of Wonders is on the board, the chance of outright winning the game becomes very high. Thanks to cards like Wisdom and the ability to draw an extra card using the Power Wheel, whenever we play Egg of Wonders we often have at least 4 opportunities to draw a big creature.


This most current deck list is 3rd version of the deck and it could still use improvements. Yak Attack is a suspect card but it helps you get board control if you don’t draw Egg of Wonders. Punishment is usually a card a like to avoid, but because we are playing so many events it gets a pass. Ultimately, the deck aims to win through tremendous Egg of Wonder tempo swings that put us way ahead on Faeria expenditure and card value. It’s hard to lose when we have multiple Baeru, the First Wave‘s and thanks to Egg of Wonders and Aurora’s Creation (which you might justify running two of) it happens pretty often.

The big selling points of the deck are as follows:


  • Stormspawn is one of the best creatures to copy with Egg of Wonder, as you get an incredible amount of Faeria value from it’s Last Words ability. The draw a card from the Last Words is also another way to trigger another Egg of Wonders during your turn.
  • Magnus, King of Meroval is another amazing card to draw off of Egg of Wonders and get’s even crazier when you start triggering his Combat ability (that also triggers Egg of Wonders). Free Storm Spawn’s help you win by out valuing your opponent.
  • Baeru, the First Wave is usually how you win the game, as getting one for free off of Egg of Wonders usually means you can play the Baeru you just drew from your deck soon after. At that point, turn all of your opponents lands into lake enjoy.
  • Unbound Evolution and Spell Whirl are vital tools for this deck to get away with playing so few creatures. Spell whirl allows you to play random creatures you draw without compromising the integrity of your Egg of Wonders, and Unbound Evolution allows you to get extra value out of the few creatures you do have be using it as a pseudo heal spell when they are about to die. All of your creatures are so high Faeria cost that you can safely predict what possibilities Unbound Evolution will bring.

I played a few matches with an earlier incarnation of the deck and you can see how it performs. The second game in particular looked almost unwinnable until Egg of Wonders did some crazy things to tilt my opponent. I’m not sure if this deck is viable in a competitive level, but it’s really fun. I think with the right tuning and more experimentation, it has a positive match up against other control decks thanks to the impressive amounts of value it accrues.

If you have any suggestions for the deck or a cool deck of your own you want to show me, please leave a comment!


  • Retro

    I was actually thinking of a variant that uses Day of The dragons and Structures. Also not sure about being mono blue , I feel that splashing some red or even green cards (feed the Forest Anyone?) can do a lot more damage.

    • I agree with splash suggestion, I have been trying to splash green and red and seeing some good results. Never tried Feed the Forest though and it sounds really good.

      Would be interested in seeing your list for a Day of Dragons varient

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