Written by Nick D'Orazio March 18, 2016 8:16 pm

Latest Faeria patch balances some of the most powerful cards.

The latest balance patch was a small one, but never-the-less had some important changes. One of them, being the redesign of everyone’s favorite lonely gravestone, Outcast Cemetery.



Meet the new version of the card.

It’s a far cry away from dealing 2 damage to an enemy the first time a friendly creature died per turn, and that is definitely for the best. Outcast Cemetery was just too powerful for it’s Faeria cost, and having multiple copies out at once was downright oppressive. It felt real bad to take 4-6 damage every time you traded with an opponents creatures, but for a while that was a world we lived in.

With this change, Red and Yellow decks have taken a blow, but the Vicious Control archetype (the deck that slowly kills you with damage dealing gift’s and other “Death-by-a-thousand-cut affects) still has all the tools it needs to be competitive

Feeling Blue

Next up, Wavecrash Colossus now cost 20 Faeria up from 18 Faeria. This a small change, but should help curb the power level of Blues’s colossus variant. Free 8/8 creatures are proving tricky to balance, and Wavecrash colossus was the most egregious example, as drawing cards isn’t only easy to do, but it’s something you always do. Wavecrash Colossus was becoming an auto-include in every Blue deck, and that isn’t where Faeria ever wants to be.

Mystic Beast costs two more Faeria, and that is an understood and expected change. The creature wasn’t breaking the game, but it was too aggressively costed for how easy it was to get 3/5 and sometimes 6/5 creature.

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