Haley Thomas Written by Haley Thomas May 7, 2016 12:23 am

Pandora Mode: How long will it take?


Pandora is right around the corner for eager Faeria fans, but how much longer will the community have to wait? At Play Faeria, we’ve crunched some numbers to find out.

In our previous post, we discussed Highlander Mode, a 1 card per deck game mode implemented as part of the Fight for Pandora event. The community will be required to complete 100,000 Highlander Mode games in order to unlock Pandora, but exactly how long will that take? The counter at the top of the title screen should give us some idea, but since we’re not all that patient and no one really likes a vague answer, let’s throw some numbers together to find out. The following is a super scientific random selection of times and the number of highlander modes played at that current time:

  • 10 hours – 5,268 games
  • 13 hours – 6,171 games
  • 25 hours  – 9,537 games
  • 30 hours – 11,738 games
  • 36 hours – 13,526 games
  • 39 hours – 14,109 games

For each sample, the number of games was divided by the number of hours to give the rate of games per hour. So in the first bullet point:

games per hour

Then, the number of games completed so far was taken away from the total of 100,000:


We’re almost done! To find out how many hours the community has left to wait, the number in the previous step was simply divided by the rate found from the original step:

hours until

Which is about 8 days, meaning the dev team was right on track with their guess if we just account for the first bullet. But we’re more sophisticated than that! Here are the average wait times corresponding with the bulleted list above:

  • 180 hours
  • 198 hours
  • 237 hours
  • 226 hours
  • 230 hours
  • 237 hours

Tl;dr:  Which means roughly 218 hours of Highland Mode left, or 9 days.

The dev team might have hit the nail on the head in their estimate of how long it would take the community to unlock Pandora mode. Do you think it will take more time? Less time? Is our math shoddy? Let us know in the comments below. See you soon in Pandora Mode!



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