Written by Nick D'Orazio May 10, 2016 12:02 am

Dodging removal (and how to do it)


It can be devastating when your opponent wipes out multiple creatures or your most powerful creature with just one card. How do you counter this? For creature heavy decks, it may seem impossible, however with the proper mindset you can seriously negate the impact of some of the most powerful AoE spells.

Some simple rules to follow:

  1. Try to get “value” out of your creatures before they become vulnerable to AoE spells. If your creature has at least damaged or killed an enemy creature, than it wasn’t a total loss if it was swept up during your opponent’s turn by a Blazing Salamander.Blazing
  2. Be careful about clumping up creatures together. Many times, enemy AoE cards can be negated by proper placement. Low HP creatures should try to stay away from higher HP ones, as they are the easiest victims to stray AoE intended to kill the higher HP creature.
  3. Avoid overextension.  To overextend is to play creatures on the board even though you already have an overwhelming board advantage. if you have control over the board there isn’t a need to play more creatures until your opponent has dealt with the ones already on the field.
  4. While you are ahead, think about drawing extra cards or pooling mana in preparation for the inevitable removal spell. This allows you to “bounce back” quickly after the devastating turn of Aoe events.

Above all, it helps to learn which creature removal spells the different colors have access to. The best defense against super effective enemy removal is when you expect it. Take note of the mana cost and color requirements of these events, as your opponent is forced to telegraph when those threats become available due to their cost and required land creation.

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