, Written by Nick D'Orazio May 26, 2016 9:15 pm

The top 5 most impactful card changes from the last patch.


The latest patch was filled with Pandora mode and sweeping changes to many cards, and now that these changes have had a couple days to exist in the wild, it’s time to look back and see which card changes are the most drastic or have otherwise impacted the game the most:


  • Tale of the Old Turtle
    5 faeria, 2 lakes
    Add 3 random blue cards to your hand. They cost 3 faeria less.

The old version of Tale of the Old Turtle drew cards until you had 5 in your hand. It was powerful, but hard to balance the game around. It was either insanely broken in certain decks, or useless.

The new Tale of the Old Turtle is just as powerful, and almost more so. It is a god-send in Pandora mode and the value you can accrue from each of the cards costing 3 Faeria less is significant. Whispers around the Faeria pool already hint at the need of a nerf of the new design, but for the mean time Tale of the Old Turtle is a powerful force in the game.


  • Wavecrash Colossus
    10 faeria, 2 lakes
    Costs 2 faeria less for each time you’ve gathered from an enemy well (minimum: 4 faeria)

Wavecrash colossus has been changed once again, but this version is still problematic when it comes to balance. Where as all of the colossi have been changed, the mechanic in place to reduce the cost of Wavecrash isn’t very hard to do. An “Enemy well” is just the wells closest to your opponent and the first couple days of play have shown that this isn’t exactly hard to access.

It makes Wavecrash Colossus a depressing card to play against. Once your opponent has access to both wells, the last thing they need is a massive creature for only 2 Faeria.


  • Syland Horseman
    3 faeria
    Gift – Give a friendly creature charge 3 until end of turn.


The utility that Syland Horseman provides is big. It allows all decks to reposition their creatures and it essentially makes this forgotten card into something that might see play. Expect Syland Horseman to see a lot more exposure than it ever did before these changes were made.


  • Queens’s Favorite
    +1 Faeria cost, +1 life
    now 2/2 creature with protection for 4 Faeria

Queen’s favorite as a 3f cost 2/1 with protection was simply too powerful. It was tons of decks and it did it’s job of safely harvesting Faeria and than trading favorably with something just too good.

The new version of this card is decidedly worse, but still fairly potent. It won’t see nearly as much play as it used to, but it’s absence in top tier decks leaves room for other Faeria gatherers to start seeing play.


  • Magda, Queen of Meroval
    4 faeria
    Your Legends cost 2 faeria less.
    Production – Add a random Legend to your hand.

The old “Queen of Removal” is gone and in it’s place is a unique creature that, when left to her own devices, will eventually win you the game through incredible value and free powerful cards. The old Meroval had a huge impact on competitive Faeria and made it playing big creatures a liability. The change to Meroval’s old mind controlling abilities was needed, as the card limited design space and threatened to only get more powerful with every new card added.

You can find a list of all card changes, as long as developer insight on why the changes were made on the official Faeria Forums here.


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