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How good is Outcast Tower?


Outcast Tower is a situational card to be sure. Due to this aspect, it is quite hard to accurately judge the card’s value since it depends heavily on the situation. However, try we shall. The card will be evaluated below based on specific scenarios that outline when the card is most useful. This information can help you to decide whether or not you should include Outcast Tower in your deck , based on how many times you predict your deck will encounter good scenarios for the card to be played.

When is playing the card good?

  • If your opponent is harvesting more than you.
  • If your opponent can make better use of his faeria than you can (for example, if you predict your opponent has just played a gatherer so he can hit 12 faeria in order to meteor the following turn, it would be advantageous to play Outcast Tower even if you control more net faeria wells).
  • If you want to block a space.

In situation one, let’s assume that your opponent is harvesting the 2 wells closest to his orb, and you are rushing and harvesting none. If you play outcast tower, and it survives its full duration, you deny your opponent 4 faeria over 2 turns, for 0 cost. The value gained in this situation carries to any number of combinations where the opponent is out harvesting you. If you play outcast tower while harvesting less, you deny your opponent of faeria for 0 cost, which is indisputably a good thing.

Situation two is a bit harder to recognize. It revolves around you predicting the card your opponent is wanting to play, and tactically playing Outcast Tower to block him from harvesting the faeria he would need for that card on a specific turn. Even if you misjudged the situation, or they didn’t have the card, playing Outcast Tower is free, so you have not lost anything. Best case scenario, your prediction was correct and by blocking their faeria you have won yourself the game.

Situation 3 can occur in races, or simply while trying to lock down the last bit of damage to finish off your opponent. There are few direct removal cards that can target structures, which allows a free 0/2 structure used as a blocker to sometimes have outstanding results.

When is playing the card bad?

  • If you stand to gain more from the wells than your opponent.


As you can see in the above sections, there are 3 great situations to play Outcast Tower, and 1 bad situation. However, there is no need to play the card while under the bad situation, you can simply hold onto the card for later in the game. Furthermore, the card is 0-cost meaning you will always have the resources to play the card when in a situation that you require it. Finally, even in a matchup where you will not want to play it for it’s effect, it may be useful as a blocker to allow your creatures to survive an extra turn, or to defend your orb against a rush.

The ability to deny your opponent x-amount of faeria for no faeria cost on your part is an incredibly strong ability when playing rush. Outcast Tower can even be used in control decks that want to have a way to equalize faeria gain if they happen to lose their harvesters and their opponent does not. Overall, Outcast Tower is a great card, and will continue to see play.

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