Written by Aquablad June 18, 2016 2:55 pm

The Power of Yellow Blue Control piloted by Kingdanzz (#2)

This weeks climb up the ranks has been a tough one. I hit Rank 5 from 10 in twenty hours of play last week but have hit a wall when climbing to God Rank. On my journey I encounter several of the best Faeria players. This showed me the high level of play at this end of the ladder and how much of an achievement God rank really is. My goal was to hit God Rank by Friday but I was kept between Rank 3-4 during the whole week. One of my gatekeepers to gaining ranks was Kingdanzz, piloting all sorts of decks and showing his broad knowledge and skill in the game. In this match I take on his Yellow Blue Control deck and it caught me off guard. Kingdanzz shows his talents in this match making fantastic plays to get him out of tough situations. But can I finally take a win off the GO Faeria Clash champion? Find out in this video!

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