Written by Nick D'Orazio August 26, 2016 5:12 am

New to Faeria? These streams will get you caught up.

Faeria free-to-play


Cappuccino is a veteran gamer who has set his sites on Faeria. Cappuccino is knowledgeable of all things Faeria and his stream showcases a high level of play and meta knowledge. Cappuccino also casts official Faeria tournaments, as well as the recent August qualifier.


Luuu90 is a top Faeria player that consistently plays at God Rank. His stream his informative and he has won several of our PlayFaeria tournaments. Currently playing under Team Equilibrium, he has recent posted an informational guide for new players.


Metagamingtv streams tons of Faeria. Scream112 and Skorchi13 can be founding streaming the new solo content, or grinding the ladder with a variety of decks. Plenty of chat interaction, eSports discussion(and occasional tournament casting) and Pandora runs make this a solid Faeria variety stream.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 1.15.09 PMgosutv_faeria

Our very own stream channel, curated and hosted by Aquablad. Aquablad is card game expert the primary caster for our weekly tournament series, the PlayFaeria open and, on top of that, he creates a swarm of awesome video content. You can see some of his latest videos on our site.


Want to follow a grueling ladder climb? Watch a20misa a fairly new Faeria streamer that explains all of this thoughts and decisions throughout the game. The best of 3 matches and live coaching sessions are a great way to learn the tiny nuances of Faeria decision making.

As this F2P week continues, we will be highlighting more streams, youtube channels, and other community created content. Help spread the word, Faeria is Free!

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