Written by Nick D'Orazio September 11, 2016 6:00 am

Choosing the right creatures

Not every creature is created equally. Some creatures are very good at certain things, and part of deck building is correctly assessing this. For example, some creatures are meant to defend while some creatures are meant to attack. Some creatures are meant to harvest, while some creatures aren’t very good at it. Some creatures are good at fighting other creature, while others seek to avoid it at any cost

Take, for instance, Prairie Yak. It’s a basic card and doesn’t immediately seem like the type of thing you want to build your deck around, but taking a look at it’s stats helps us paint a clearer picture:

  • Only costing 3 Faeria and boasting 2 attack and 4 life, Prairie Yak is the perfect answer to any creature with 2 or less life and 3 or less attack.
  • The Yak’s larger than average life stat is the primary reason a competitive deck builder might look at this card.
  • if the most prevalent deck is filled with creatures Prairie Yak trades favorably with (When in combat, the enemy creature dies and the Yak survives), then it just may be the exact card you should put in your deck.
  • It’s card art is very cute.

When creating a deck, ask yourself- what am I consistently needing on the board, but don’t have?

If your opponents keep destroying your god orb quickly, think about adding some defensive creatures with Taunt. If you keep falling behind on the board, think about some AoE damage or direct damage events to shift momentum. If you keep getting behind on Faeria, consider some creatures that easily farm Faeria wells.

A card like Prairie Yak is the perfect example of a vanilla creature who’s selling point are the stats. However, if you are using Prairie Yak primarily to defend your orb, a card like Defender of The Homeland is almost always strictly better.


Cards like Defender of the Homeland are perfect for protecting your orb from aggressive onslaughts.

Defend of The Homeland has higher stats and Taunt. The trade off, he he can only be summon near your orb. This trade off should be considered when deciding between these two cards:

  • Am I going to be defending with my 3 Faeria creature? If so, than Defender of the Homeland is the clear pick
  • Am I going to be controlling the board, capturing Faeria wells, or otherwise trading with my opponents creatures? If so, Prairie Yak may suit your deck better than the defender.

Creatures can’t be viewed in a vacuum when trying to assess their power level. They should be always be assessed under the context of what cards they will most often face, and what function they will most often be called upon to do.

Ultimately, your creatures should all work together to achieve one goal. The point is to win the game, but deciding how to do it is up to you.

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