Written by Nick D'Orazio September 11, 2016 2:51 am

More Faeria or more Cards?

The Power Wheel allows players unprecedented options over what to do each turn and it during the later stages of the game when land creation is less important, players often find themselves choosing between adding an extra Faeria or drawing. On the surface, the choice seems simple enough: select based on your needs at the time and hope for the best.


The power wheel and it’s +1 card or Faeria options.

This may be true in a general sense, but the competitive Faeria can use these tools strategically to lessen a specific disadvantage or strengthen a specific advantage.

You might want to draw cards if…

  • If you identify that you have been trading inefficiently for cards (losing two cards for every one of your opponents) it benefits you more to draw an extra card and negate some of your losses
  • If you are looking for a specific card (or you need a threat to stop your opponents faeria pooling) try drawing a card.

Drawing extra cards provide more options, but sometimes the options already in your hand are the best it’s ever going to be. Be aware of what you can draw (It’s your deck, you should know!) and if the best possible scenario is less impactful than the cards already in your hand, don’t choose to draw.


Cards like Shaytan Assassin challenge your ability to stay ahead on card and Faeria value. It often trades favorably multiple times.

Instead, add some extra Faeria. You might want to do this if…

  • You have a card to play but you are just one Faeria short of playing it. Especially if your opponent already has creatures on the board. Extra Faeria allows you to catch up.
  • You see an opportunity to play a creature one turn faster (or even two turns faster) than you could normally. For example, if you only have 3 faeria but you have a powerful 7 Faeria spell in your hand. If lands permit, gaining one Faeria would allow you to play that 7 Faeria spell next turn.
  • If you have been inefficiently trading your creatures. When your Five Faeria costing creatures die to a two costing Faeria creature, you are losing in Faeria value. Do this enough times and you will eventually be very behind. Make up for those differences with the power wheel’s Faeria gain option.

Every game of Faeria will be different, and the best habit is to select your moves by reacting to these different situations. A deck is only as strong as the player behind it, and when two powerful decks (or even the same deck) square off against each other, proper Power Wheel usage is a vital deciding factor.

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