Written by Nick D'Orazio September 12, 2016 5:55 am

What events does your deck need?

Events are the second most common type of card in Faeria, the first being creatures. Events do something the moment they are played and are one time use. They come in all colors (including the neutral ones above) and offer a wide variety of options for the Faeria deck builder looking to win.

The most important thing to consider when selecting which events to  place in your deck is what turn you ideally want to play them on. In other words why is the event in your deck? What is the best possible scenario for this card? Is that scenario likely to occur? Remember, events are only one time use so their effect should be meaningful!

Take a event like Famine:


This card is sick.

  • Due to it’s neutral color and low Faeria cost, an opponent can’t ever predict or play around Famine. You will always have at least 3 Faeria so famine can be played at any time.
  • Famine allows you to play inefficient combat creatures that may have powerful Last Words or Gift abilities. Once these creatures trade in combat (and likely leave the enemy creatures alive with just a spec of health) Famine can finish the job and leave you ahead.
  • Famine is an ideal answer to low health creatures, creatures with protection or creatures that naturally only have 1 HP. A deck with lots of high health creatures can safely play Famine without fear of killing it’s owns creature.

However, there is a bad side to Famine as well:

  • Famine is a very ineffective card when you are behind and the opponent has healthy creatures on the board. It doesn’t really do anything in these scenarios.
  • Famine damages your own creatures, meaning any low Health creature becomes a liability if it shares the same deck as Famine

By weighing the pros and cons of an event, you can being to gauge whether or not it would be a good fit in your deck. Most events are are powerful due to the decks they synergize with, while others look to punish specific cards in an opponent’s deck.

Whatever events you choose to put in your deck (maybe none at all) try to have a reason behind it, because unlike creatures, events can sit in your hand, unable to be played if the situation never arises.

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