Written by Nick D'Orazio October 13, 2016 9:01 pm

Faeria Early Access Version 0.9 is live!


Faeria Early Access Version 0.9

We all knew this big update was coming, but now that the specifics have been layed out, it’s hard to be anything but excited. There is so much content to cover, get started on maybe reading the full list of changes yourself. Since you will no doubt have tons of questions regarding the new state of the game, a wonderful FAQ has also been released.

Let’s get down to the big stuff-

  • The Core Set is no longer available in the Store

We heard the reasoning previously and this change is only a matter of common sense. In order for Faeria to grow and succeed in the way that all of us fans want it to, the removal of the core set is a bitter pill we have to swallow. To many fans, this change is one to rejoice, as the grind and competition aspect of all card games is no longer sullied by the “give-me-everything” button the Core Set purchased represented.

New Social Features

  • Spectating Friends

A small quality of life change that adds to the social aspect of the game. Nothing but praise for this change– spectating your friends is a great way to teach and discuss the game as if they were looking right over your shoulder.

It is important to note, that for tournament and competitive environments, this feature can be disabled via the check boxes below. Smart.

  • Emotes are now available in-game


Ahh yes, emotes. In the 2016 landscape of digital games, is it possible to NOT have emotes? The world of Faeria often felt mysterious and threatening to new players, as the difference between playing against a human opponent and an AI wasn’t a very fun one. The Human was merciless and defeated your silently without any charm, salt, or even good manner.

With emotes, the social aspect of the game gets some much needed warmth. Check out the details below:

  • Every player, by default, receives the base set of 5 standard emotes. When you go to your profile screen you will see the list of these:

These are just some of the first quality of life changes the new update brings. Up next is Pandora mode, balance updates, and new solo content!

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