Written by Nick D'Orazio October 20, 2016 2:36 pm

The Vault: Why Land placement matters

We’ve been writing about Faeria strategy since the earliest stages of it’s Alpha. With the release of V. 0.9, the influx of players and our readership has never been higher! Get caught up with classic strategy articles you might have missed if you weren’t playing this game nearly a year ago:

Michael Ackerman 2016

One of the most skill testing elements of Faeria is land placement and creature movement. In Faeria, the perfect aggressive curve isn’t enough to win as creatures still need to be controlled and navigated effectively throughout the games ever changing board states. Games with little to no player interaction are very rare in Faeria, as each player has the choice to either aggressively, or defensively place their lands.

This means that the aggressive player has to telegraph their “go for the face” strategies well before any player damage takes place. The defending player a choice; entrench myself in defensive lands or stick to collecting resources? Do I draw extra cards in search for defensive options, or do I give myself extra Faeria to play an large defensive creature?

The player with the dark colored lands had their aggressive land placement walled off by the defensive player with the light colored lands

There is a wonderful tension that exists between aggressive and defensive decks when resources are persistent. In almost every card game large creatures that cost a lot of resources are a liability, as drawing them early cripples a player who is trying to defend an early aggression. This inherently limits design space because “competitive” cards are more defined by their low mana cost then what they actually do.

In Faeria, that same defending player with a massive creature stuck in their hand has the choice to pool their resources (and even gain more Faeria via the Power wheel) and get that creature on the board in time to defend against the early onslaught. You rarely feel stuck or hopeless in Faeria- there are always ways to react to your opponent.

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