Written by Nick D'Orazio October 22, 2016 12:33 am

The Vault: The defensive (and offensive) importance of Taunt Creatures

We’ve been writing about Faeria strategy since the earliest stages of it’s Alpha. With the release of V. 0.9, the influx of players and our readership has never been higher! Get caught up with classic strategy articles you might have missed if you weren’t playing this game nearly a year ago:

Taunt Creatures
Creatures with taunt forces adjacent enemy creatures into combat before they can do anything else. These creatures are so effective because they limit the options of your opponent. On the surface, this mechanic is best used to defend against an aggressive opponent (forcing them to deal with your creatures and not your god orb) however taunts can also be used offensively to great effect.

When you have successfully infiltrated your opponent’s side of the board with an aggressive creature, try placing a taunt creature near it. This gives your aggressive creature more time to attack the enemy orb without being disturbed, and can often force the enemy to take several turns dealing with your walls first. Even if the Taunt manages to give your aggressive creature just one extra attack on the enemy Orb, you probably come out ahead, as the difference between say 7 damage to an orb vs 14 damage to an orb huge.

Remember, don’t only think of walls as defensive measures, they are tools that eliminate options. Taunt creature naturally goes well with otherwise defenseless structures that provide Production or Activate abilities, as your opponents first priority is almost always to destroy them.

Take a card like Kobold Barracks. Using taunt creatures and this structure pair well together, as the taunt creature protects it while the structure pumps the taunt creature. Taunt creatures naturally have low attack and high life as well, so this card helps make up for this weakness.


In the below example, Faeria streamer itscappuccino uses a combination of Grim Guard’s and Devouring Plants to protect Kobold Barracks. This is just one of the many situations where a Taunt creature is played aggressively in this deck. Right now, the Grim Guard traps every creature played on the opponents desert, making the aggressive Kobold Warbeast play even safer.

You can even use cards like Warstorm Champion to benefit from all of the forced combat Taunt provides. These type of synergies take advantage of Taunt the most effectively, as it has the potential to forces your opponents into lose / lose scenarios . Effectively using Taunt creatures is an important part of many decks, as it puts you in the driver seat of your opponents next turn


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