Written by Nick D'Orazio November 20, 2016 10:19 pm

The future of Faeria esports– what does this mean?

Earlier in the week, a statement on the future of Faeria esports and the failed stretch goal was released on Faeria.com


To recap, the goal was to commit $100,000 in cash prizes for esports events by the end of the year. The end goal? To nurture the competitive scene while Faeria was still in it’s early access phase.

This was a good idea for multiple reasons. A developing competitive scene gives Faeria balance testers tons of opportunities to learn how players actually play their game. Dominant or overpowered strategies can be identified and ultimately fixed before the games full release. On top of that, an early push for a thriving esports scene brings more people to the early access and gets more people watching Faeria played at the highest level.

One of Faeria’s biggest selling points is the strategic depth it offers, so what better way to showcase that than with esports?

It’s a no brainer.

And that’s precisely why, despite failing to meet the $100,000 cash prize goal (instead, giving out only $30,000 which is still pretty good for a game in early access), Abrakam has no intentions to slow down on their commitment to Faeria esports.

  • Monthly cups are still going strong
  • The Go4Faeria tournament hosted by ESL has concluded, but a second series of tournaments is already on the way with the release of 1.0
  • “Other exciting experiments” was a teaser phrase that bodes well for future esports events
  • Abrakam has yet to release their 2017 esports plans, but maintains that there is very much “a plan”

In Conclusion

The short of this announcement is simple: turns out developing the actual game is more pressing then running tournaments for said game. It’s sometimes easy to forget that Faeria hasn’t even been released yet, but when it does, Faeria esports will once again have a clear gameplan.

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