Written by Nick D'Orazio November 23, 2016 8:16 pm

New mechanics: Dash and Slam


Two new keywords have been added to Faeria and they challenge what we know about creature combat.

Here they are, in all their glory!

DashDash {N}: When summoned, move this creature up to {N} spaces in a straight line.

Dash allows creatures to immediately get in the thick of battle, positioning them in a straight line anywhere the controlling player wants. If a creature has dash 4, for example, it doesn’t HAVE to move 4 spaces. It can just move “up to” 4 spaces.

Dash pairs well with flying and aquatic, as it allows the creature to move even if there is no lands in front of them. It is unsure if there will be cards that grant creatures Dash (it would have to affect creatures already in your hand, as Dash activates once summoned), but it is more likely that Dash will be used to solve the problem of creatures “doing nothing” when they are played.

Dash allows them to immediately affect the board.

SlamWhen this creature attacks, it also damages every enemy adjacent to the target.

Slam is a devastating ability that allows for some serious value. So far, the only creature we know that has Slam is the newely buffed Seifer, Blood Tyrant. Slam seems made for his unique card text:

When Seifer destroys a creature, he gains Attack and Life equal to the destroyed creature’s original Attack and Life.

Will this be a Red centric mechanic to further the trend of creature combat in that color? Will Seifer become a dominant force in red decks path to victory? Slam is a huge buff to the oft ignored creature and only time will tell.

When a creature with Slam attacks, normal creature combat only triggers on the primary target. The splash or “Slam” damage will operate as a separate trigger and the Slam creature will not take extra damage. Obviously, this is a powerful mechanic but it will become even more powerful if it is ever attached to an Event card.

The easiest way to play against Slam is when you know it’s coming. However, if it ever becomes possible to give a creature Slam from the hand, the potential for huge blowouts is tremendous. The threat of possible Slam from the hand will challenge players to be keenly aware of how they position their creatures in combat.

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