Written by Nick D'Orazio December 25, 2016 1:13 am

Farmers (and how to use them)

Some creatures aren’t suited for combat and instead are best utilized harvesting extra Faeria each turn at one of the four Faeria wells. You can tell if a creature would be a good Faeria Farmer by their mana cost and stat distribution.


 Farm boy only costs one Faeria, meaning that if you manage to place one next to a Faeria Well, it has already paid it for self. Any resource an opponent spends on killing it usually isn’t worth it, as they will likely get behind on Faeria efficiency by removing a card that was virtually free. However, this meager kid doesn’t stop gathering Faeria until they are killed (or move out of range of the Faeria Well) so their power level is deceptively high. Because of it’s neutral casting cost, you can create two neutral lands and get your Farm Boy farming as early as turn 1.

Some creatures are even mobile enough to move back and forth between Faeria nodes, giving you 2 extra mana every turn.


For example, the card Puddle Jumper has Aquatic and Jump, meaning it can move two spaces at once through spaces that don’t have lands placed on them. Perfect for doubling down on Faeria farming without the need to invest land placement to do so. His casting cost is cheap enough that he can be played on turn 1, ready to jump to a Faeria well the next turn.

Farming strategies are a unique way to win a game of Faeria. Victory is achieved through an eventually overwhelming resource lead that allows the farming player to play bigger creatures at a rate too fast for his or her opponent to keep up, all while drawing cards using the Power Wheel freely (as there is no need for gaining mana off it)

All creatures can farm Faeria, and a skilled player will use this to their advantage at every possible chance. It’s important not to go too far out of your just to acquire some extra Faeria- board control and strategic placement of your creatures is still of utmost importance.

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