Written by Nick D'Orazio December 30, 2016 7:42 am

Are Slam and Dash too powerful?

Lately, there have been two cards that have been causing a lot of discussion amongst the community. To no surprise, they are two of the newest cards to enter the game. Some say it’s the mechanics at work but others say it is the stats on the cards:


Feral Kodama is aggressively costed and equipped with the devastating Slam ability. The keyword has proven to be extremely powerful, especially when paired with Sagami Hunter. When placed (or teleported) near a god orb, trying to mount a defense can seem nearly impossible, as whenever Feral Kodama trades with a creature, chances are your god orb is being damaged as well. It essentially negates taunt creatures placed near the god orb in many cases.

Oh, and it has Jump, so getting into position for those huge slams is pretty simple.354

In the case of Dream Reaver, many complaints have to do with the Dash ability. The primary issue is how difficult it feels to play around the Dash 3. It’s hard to predict and, even when you do, the amount of distance Dream Reaver can net the moment it is played makes it very hard to net a defense.

The possible issue:

The main issue seems to be less about game balance and more fun factor. Abilities like Dash and Slam are very punishing when you incorrectly play your lands and the threat of them make it difficult to mount your own offense. On top of this, the defeats suffered at the hand of these cards feel impossible to stop even if predicted. Cards like Sagami Hunter become incredibly strong when paired with Slam and Dash becomes pretty annoying when it’s Dash value is greater than 2.

I don’t think Slam is inherently broken, but perhaps on a 7 damage creature it might be. I don’t think Dash is inherently broken either, but maybe on creature that already halfs God life and has 10 life, it is. These mechanics seem ideal for promoting mid-range creature strategies, but as it stands now, they are being used as powerful finishers that have little counter play.

Faeria is still in development and these mechanics an new cards represent some of the most powerful cards the game has seen. We have already seen cards like Annoying Gnat be heavily nerfed and the game became better because of it. Is it time for Faeria Developers to reconsider Slam on such mobile creatures?

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