Written by Aquablad December 31, 2016 4:31 pm

Deck Doctor Episode 14 – Maihem’s Green Red Warstorm

2016 comes to an end and to finish off the year we have a community deck spotlight. Maihem, a French veteran of Faeria was kind enough to share his version of the Green Red Warstorm deck. This deck contains the popular Rebel Glider but its role in the deck is very different to that of an aggro player. This deck is slow in nature thanks to Warstorm Champion requiring six lands but Rebel Glider’s goal is to take the fight to your opponent early to buy time. Combined with a buff he is a deadly creature to face off against in the early game. This deck is fun but will take some practice as Rebel Glider plays a key part in getting out your might Warstorm Champions.

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