Written by Nick D'Orazio January 6, 2017 11:29 pm

The first Monthly Cup of 2017 happens tomorrow!


The time has come to see the first bout of competitive Faeria in 2017! This time around, a whopping sixteen countries will be represented by the best that competitive Faeria has to offer”

  • France: 7
  • Canada, Germany: 4
  • Finland, Russia, UK, USA: 2
  • Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland: 1

With back to back wins behind him, all eyes will be on Modgnik, the current champ. Since those tournaments, however, there has been some significant card balance changes. This means that any deck looking to sweep the competition will have to do so in a different environment than the tournaments of old might have prepared them for. Red and Yellow rush will surely still make an appearance and, when they do, you can bet Mono Blue and Mono Green deck loyalist will be there to try and stop it.

This will also be the first major tournament to allow

As usual, when you watch the tournament you can win awesome in-game prizes! Get the details on how to win gold, Eggs, and more here.


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