Written by Nick D'Orazio January 25, 2017 11:17 pm

Faeria gets ready to launch!


It’s been a long Early Access, but Faeria developers are nearing the final stretch– The release of Faeria is near!


Faeria for both PC and iPad scheduled for March

Faeria version 1.0 AKA Release Faeria will come with a host of new features and improvements. Playing on iPad, all regions and tons of stability and performance improves are quality of life improvements aimed at polishing Faeria to a respectable released state. On top of this, Mythic Chests and some “surprises” they “don’t want to spoil yet” are included as well.


Rolling out the iPad version

We have completed the development process necessary to meet the standards of the Apple store, and have a version with which we are ready to begin more expanded testing. We will slowly begin rolling out the iPad version region by region, helping us polish it as much as possible prior to the complete 1.0 release in March.


If you want to apply for tester status on the iPad versions of Faeria before it  launches, click here to apply!

New month, new update!

Of course, before all of these improvements another large update is coming in February. This version (0.96) include various UI updates but more importantly, the in-game economy will be changed to allow greater “flexibility” for Faeria developers to give “special offers and fairer pricing.”



With all the hussle and big changes, the Monthly Cup for February will be put on hold until the release of version 1.0. We eSports fans may wrinkle our nose at this, but anyone who has any experience with developing a video game knows that release month is the most difficult and demanding part of a game’s lifespan. To pull resources and manpower away from this goal to host a tournament is an unnecessary distraction, so we will let it slide this time!

That being said, Atmaz, everyone’s favorite community manager, is more then willing to help the community organize a tournament for February or early March and will help provide “prize support or otherwise help”. You can contact Atmaz by emailing gary@abrakam.com if you are interested in starting a tournament!

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