Written by Nick D'Orazio February 13, 2017 1:48 am

Faeria is changing and so are we! PlayFaeria is looking for volunteers to join our crew!

With the advent of the latest huge Faeria patch, tons of cards have been rebalanced in preparation for the official launch of the game. With this launch, Faeria will leave early access and close that special chapter of exploration we have been apart of for the past year.

And as the game changes, so does our content at PlayFaeria! We are looking for new content creators that have a love of Faeria and understand the game at its core. Whether you are grinding for a top spot on the leader boards, making wacky decks of your own or just love the aesthetic and lore of the game, we are looking for all types of content creators expand our humble PlayFaeria squad.

  • Do you love exploring new decks and talking about them?
  • Do you follow Faeria eSports and the current state of competitive meta?
  • Do you love the single player Faeria experience and sharing knowledge on how to beat them?
  • Or perhaps you have a Faeria related passion not listed here.

If any of these bullets speak to you, we want to talk! If you would like to join our team of content creators gearing up for the next stage of Faeria, please e-mail me personally at

If you would like to join our team of content creators gearing up for the next stage of Faeria, please e-mail me personally at nickdorazioiii@gmail.com with a clear description of your interests and the type of content you would like to create.

This is a perfect position for someone who is brand new to online content creation and looking for guidance and a place to get their feet wet.

We share and host all sorts of content on PlayFaeria– videos, streams, and of course, written articles. Whatever you think you can bring to the Faeria community is fair game.

As a community fan site, we currently only looking for volunteers who want to be apart of PlayFaeria.com. What we offer is a community recognized space where your content will be read, shared, and not get lost in the nether of stray YouTube channels or tweet-longer post.

As we move into next year and the game leaves early access, PlayFaeria is positioned as blank canvas, available for the next wave of content creators and Faeria fanatics to explore the game and share it with our readers.

To all of our readers and fans, thank you for sticking with us throughout the year. Here is to an exciting release of our beloved card game!

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